Our works

Our engagement with different industries, developing products, designs, and customized services has helped us develop a holistic point of view.  Each project represents our commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. Take a moment to explore the diverse range of solutions we have delivered across various industries.

Arcadia Travel

Arcadia Travel offers bespoke luxury experiences, redefining travel with personalized itineraries and exclusive partnerships.


Ecovista is a vibrant and eco-conscious brand dedicated to providing gardening enthusiasts with a comprehensive range of tools, seeds, and plants.

Bid and Build

A website that connects homeowners with qualified and reputable renovation contractors in their area.

Budget Buddy

Tracks your expenses and suggests how you should manage your spending. Additionally, it provides options on how to invest your money based on your earnings and spending.

Bump & Bloom

Pregnant women who are patients of the specific hospital offering the app.

CS & Clarks

With a remarkable legacy spanning 25 years, CS&Clarks stands as the standard in CV writing and professional image consultancy on a global scale.

Ali ezzeddine

Create a better and more peaceful world with students and teachers through transformative education and the power of networks.


Discover Felivo, the app that simplifies daily food shopping. Order your monthly food supply in a single click for a hassle-free experience. Revolutionize your meal planning with Felivo today!

Co-working space

Our app provides an extensive selection of co-working spaces available for rent.


Welcome to iCampus, the ultimate web application designed to enhance the educational experience.


Ride our sleek scooters with ease through our mobile app. Go green, go fast, and go wherever you need to be in style. Join us today and experience the future of urban transportation.


Nourish delivers fresh, nutritious baby food weekly to health-conscious parents as a convenient alternative to supermarket options.


Education Assessment for Student and Teacher.


Lync is a user access management system along with a single sign-on (SSO) specially designed for schools and educational organizations.


Powerful recruiting software and a feature-rich application tracking system that streamlines your recruitment process.


Experience a new era of access control with Lyncard – the ultimate solution for streamlined security and convenience within your school!


A simple file sharing system with a permanent URL so that you don’t have to update the link all time everywhere.


Proquick is an advanced procurement management system that simplifies purchasing for businesses with its user-friendly interface and powerful features.


Easy closets was established to celebrate modern designs and noble Italian materials.

Al Sheraifi

It is an ever-growing holding company that continues to provide superior products and services to residents and citizens of this proud nation.


Manara is a Dubai-based manufacturing facility established in 2014 that offers various fruit preserves such as jams, fillings, and marmalades.

Flamo Gel Chafing Fuel

Flamo is a chafing fuel brand by Gulfax Group that delivers heat and safety for food and beverage presentations.

Gulfax Group

Gulfax Group is a focused enterprise established in 1979 in Dubai that manufactures and distributes products for the Hospitality Industry.

Pedagogy and beyond

Pedagogy & beyond consists of a group of experienced practitioners in the field of education.

Go Grad

GoGrad is a custom-developed e-commerce platform to sell graduation materials with a personalization tool integrated.


Lactoman is a weekly dairy delivery service that connects you with Personal Shoppers for milk products from local farms.

People Happiness System

Where Efficiency Meets Employee Satisfaction.