Flamo Gel Chafing Fuel


September 4, 2013 Gulfax Group




Flamo Gel Chafing Fuel is a leading product in the food service industry, providing high-quality gel chafing fuel solutions for professional catering and hospitality businesses. Our team had the opportunity to collaborate with Flamo to assist them with Branding & Identity Design, as well as Print Design, to establish a strong and visually appealing brand presence in the market.

Through our collaboration with Flamo Gel Chafing Fuel, we successfully delivered a comprehensive branding and print design solution that accurately represents their brand values and effectively showcases their chafing fuel products. The new brand identity conveys Flamo’s commitment to quality and safety, while the print materials provide visually appealing and informative representations of their products. Our expertise in Branding & Identity Design, and Print Design allowed us to meet and exceed Flamo’s expectations, providing them with a strong foundation to establish a remarkable brand presence in the foodservice industry.