Paper Plane – Simple document publishing system


December, 2019 Confidential, UAE


SaaS, Startup, Custom Development, Cloud, DevOps


Get ready to launch your documents to new heights with Paperplane! This nifty tool simplifies file and document sharing. With Paperplane, you can effortlessly upload a file or document to a unique URL and easily share it with others. But here’s where the real magic happens: if you ever need to make updates or correct a mistake, you can simply re-upload the revised file or document to the same URL. No more worrying about sharing the wrong version or creating confusion with multiple links.

So, what makes Paperplane so special? It’s all about convenience and efficiency. By using Paperplane, you can save time and eliminate the frustration of managing multiple versions of files or documents. Instead of sending new links every time there’s an update or if you make a mistake, you can simply replace the existing file at the same URL. This ensures that everyone accessing the URL gets the latest version, keeping everyone on the same page and avoiding any misunderstandings.

The idea for Paperplane was generated from the common challenges of file and document sharing. The creators wanted to provide a solution that simplifies the process and reduces the chances of confusion or outdated information. The goal was to empower users with a seamless experience, making it easy to distribute and manage files or documents while ensuring everyone has access to the most current version. With Paperplane, you can say goodbye to file-sharing headaches and embrace a more efficient and streamlined approach to collaboration